Here are step by step instructions on how to add an affiliate text link.

Step One

Log into Shareasale at It is important you log in as an affiliate versus a merchant or it won’t work

Step Two

In the top navigation click Links which makes a sub navigation pop down. Click Get A Link/Banner

Step Three

In the Specific Merchant pull down menu of the Links page, select . Next click Refresh Page

Step Four

Click on the Get Links button under the Healing Natural Oil header

Step Five

For the highest conversions, choose a text link that goes directly to the product detail page you are writing about. We have several products so the best way to narrow it down, is select the Category of your choice. Categories are based on the ailment or the product line. Below is an example if I wanted to link to all Simply Beauty products. Once the category is selected, click Refine Seach

Step 6and Final Step

Find the text link you would like to add to your site, email or social media shout out. Go to the last column titled Action and click on Get HTML in the row your text link is located. You will see two boxes of code. Select the code in the second box called The Shortest Code. Copy this code and paste it into your site just like any other website link. You can copy and paste directly into a Facebook post. You can also add as a hyperlink on your site or email.