Did you know that the Natural Healing Oils/Amoils affiliate program is made up entirely of content niche sites or blogs? It is true. Not a single coupon, loyalty or price comparison affiliate exist in the 873 Amoils affiliates. The reason is because content niche sites convert at the highest rates and provide the highest ROI for our affiliates. With organic search traffic and qualified buyers, content niche affiliates earn consistent and high commissions in this program.

If you are just starting out in affiliate marketing, I highly recommend this approach and reading  Adam Reimer’s article first. This article provides easy step by step instructions on how to create a profitable niche site. Based on this article, I pulled some keyword phrases that would lend itself to a profitable niche content site for the Amoils affiliate program. For example, the keyword phrases below focus on the ailment specific needs. If someone is uncomfortable, this person is a highly motivated buyer. However, you want to target even further, by reaching out for people who are looking for natural solutions. You are providing a solution that is not only backed with a 90 day guarantee but also with third party verified testimonials. For this example, I am focusing the product H-Age Spots

Keyword phrases for H-Age Spots

  • natural remedies for age spots
  • natural treatments for age spots
  • holistic remedies age spots
  • remove age spots naturally

Site Articles

  • Top 4 ways to remove age spots naturally
  • Top natural remedies for removing age spots
  • 5 holistic remedies for removing age spots

When writing the micro site/ content site, remember to provide solutions outside of your affiliate links. For instance, you can provide a recipe using essential oils and offer H-Age Spots as a less expensive solution if you do not have oils on hand.

You can follow this format for any of the Amoils products. Find a problem and provide a solution…basic Sales 101 but works like magic.

If you have any questions or would like to brainstorm together, email Ruth Ann and Stephanie at affmanager [at] amoils [dot] com