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Skin tag removal

I bought the Heal Skin Tags formula about 17 days ago and got it pretty quick in the mail. I was excited to see results but am a skeptical person.

For the first 4-5 days I didn’t see any change in my skin tags and was concerned, but the instructions told me to wait at least a week to two to see changes, so I was patient.

I am now on day 13 and some of the smaller tags are already gone! The biggest tags look as though they are drying up and I don’t want to pull at them, I will just let this treatment take care of those too. –Jeremy L.

I have tried many other products in the past, but this product was the only product for skin tags that I have used that worked on my skin tags and helped me completely get rid of the skin tags on my neck and eyelids. –Tracey M

I was shocked at how good this stuff worked on my skin tag. It had become painful and irritated because of the location so that’s what prompted me to seek a remedy. The manufacturer claims that it can take 2-6 weeks for the skin tag to fall off. My skin tag came off in 4 DAYS!! I’m not kidding.
–Amy G

I am not a review person but felt obliged to share my review after this product worked wonderfully on me. I had 4 skin tags and after 3 times daily application, they all dried up and went away after a few weeks. I was skeptical at first but this product does really work! –A.R.

Important to follow product instructions… doing so rid me of a quarter inch colorless mole on the end of my nose. Place where the mole was is flat, though a very slight pink skin tinge remains.—Nancy

Of course, I was skeptical at first, but I really wanted to find an alternative method to anything that used harsh chemicals or something that would cause pain and scarring… so I tried h-moles. I am happy to say that it completely removed the mole on the side of my head. It has been almost a year since the mole has fallen off and there is no sign of it returning. It works just as stated! I’ll admit, I was nervous as it was drying out and falling apart but it’s a true sign of it working. I had originally ordered the smaller bottle which wasn’t enough to completely remove it so I ordered the bigger bottle to have extra in case I needed it. Which I haven’t yet. Just follow the directions exactly, and you’ll be happy! :) –Brandon


Buy with confidence. After being told I had a severe external Thrombosed hemorrhoid and that I needed to schedule surgery, I turned to the internet and found this website. I was curious and skeptical, but thought, what do I have to lose. I applied it every time I went to the bathroom and just before bed and first thing in the morning. The pain subsided after two days and the hemorrhoid was smaller after a week. After the second week, it was very small and mostly healed, after the third week, I couldn’t feel any trace of it and the area was perfectly smooth. I can’t thank you enough for making this product. I’m very thankful, I did not need surgery. I have used your product for two subsequent hemorrhoids over the year or two I’ve had this and the results are the same. I’m ordering more today. –J Smith

Thank you for you great product for hemorrhoids, they were healed in 5 weeks. Thank you, thank you so much. –Luis

This product works. After suffering with Hemorrhoids for years, I was finally considering surgery to correct the problem. I bought this product after researching the internet, and decided to try it as a last ditch effort before scheduling surgery. Within two weeks things were almost completely healed up, and by the third week, I can finally say that I am free of all Hemorrhoids for the first time in 20 years. I wish the price for this stuff was cheaper, but honestly…..compared to the cost of surgery, it’s a great value. –Ray


This product is just miraculous! I was suffering from fissures for years. I had all kinds of expensive cremes..Nothing unless headaches even had a surgery NOTHING!! But I tried this (I must admit it was a bit desperately) but after weeks…IT’S COMPLETELY HEALED!! THANKS SO MUCH I’M SO GRATEFU – -Christian

Wow! This is the second time I have had an anal fissure. The first time I applied prescribed meds and it took a year to heal. This time I found your web site and ordered H-Fissures. I am almost completely healed and it has only been about 3 weeks! I am so grateful for your product. –Karen

It’s an embarrassing thing to talk about, but since I’m pretty much anonymous… I have a severe case of anal fissures. I’m prone to them. I’ve had them for 5 years or more and many at a time. Nothing has ever made them go away or even feel better. I’ve had bowel infections from them they’ve gotten so bad. The itchiness is unbearable and the burning and pain too. I have been referred to a surgeon for Botox injections in my anus. I do NOT want this. So I began a search for a cure again. This product is absolutely amazing. H-Fissures is the first thing I have ever used that worked. I still get fissures, since I’m prone, but this stuff soothes it same day and heals me of it fully within a day or two. My bowel infections have gone away and I feel better than I’ve felt in a LONG, long time. I feel like I cannot say enough. Thank you SO MUCH Amoils! –Al

It is brilliant I had been taking my son to the doctors for months to get a wart on his hand frozen off but with very little results. They then started to spread on his hand and arms in clusters but after about 6 weeks of treatment they are all gone. I would highly recommend this product worth every penny!!!—Kelly

I was skeptical at first. But within a few days I applied the oil to my son’s face, warts started to dry and fall off! Even my child was so amazed! –Sugarplum