Know your audience

As much as we would like to be everything to everyone, marketing just doesn’t work well that way.  Knowing your audience will create quality content that converts.  Here are some questions to ask prior to developing content.

  • Am I talking to the caregiver or the recipient of the oils?
  • What are the pain points this product will be relieving?
  • If I was buying this product, what would I want to know?

Be specific.  Choose one product to start

Top performing affiliates select one product at a time to promote. A general banner will get you the hits but not the conversions.  Below are our best selling products with supporting links located at the bottom of this email.

  • H-Skin Tags
  • H-Moles
  • H-Warts
  • H-Fissures
  • H-Hemorrhoids
  • H-Varicose Veins
  • H-Scars
  • H-Age Spots
  • H-Stretch Marks
  • H-Nail Fungus

Social credibility brings great conversions

70% of customers trust an online review. You have two options to gain social credibility.

1)     Test out the product yourself.  You can write a review or even better do a vBlog.  Don’t worry, you just need to talk about the effectiveness, no need for personal images.  Shoot me an email if you want a sample to review

2)     Grab existing testimonials.  I created a page with testimonials so you can copy and paste easily into your website. Click here to view.

Banner placement

Keep your page focused with only Amoils banners.  If a user comes to your page and sees a bunch of flashing banners from many different brands, you run the risk of page abandonment and losing your credibility.

Increase your chances for engagement with text link within the copy as well as a supporting Amoils  banner.

Placement is key.  For banners, right hand side banners have the highest click through or those embedded within the article.

Don’t forget about your placement for your text links as well. Don’t save your text link for the bottom of your article. Place two to three links strategically throughout your copy including in the testimonials.