What is your Search Policy?
At this time, we do not allow any trademark or trademark plus bidding. This includes Amoils, Natural Healing Oils and all product names. I will work closely with you to identify long tail and deep link opportunities to make a successful campaign.

What is your commission reversal policy?
We only reverse commission in cases of fraud. Returns do not result in reversals.

What type of sites are your top affiliate sites for the program?
Content sites are our best converting affiliates.  Sites that focus on one ailment and product result in the highest conversions and commissions.

Do you offer coupon codes?
We have free shipping all year long and offer weekly coupons on the site.

I am a coupon site and was just declined. Why?
At this time, we are not accepting any new coupon sites into the program.

Do you do paid placements?
Yes, it is open for discussion if the numbers work and you are offering a unique opportunity for Natural Healting Oils to reach new customers.

Do you offer product for review?
Yes. We LOVE product reviews! I need your web and/or social media stats to get it approved.

Who can I talk to about this program?
That would be me. You can ask me questions in the Comments field below or email me at affmanager at amoils dot com

Who are the affiliate managers?
Robbins Interactive manage the Healing Natural Oils/Amoils affiliate program. Stephanie Robbins and Ruth Ann are your contacts.