How To Integrate Amoils In Your Essential Oils Site

Did you know essential oil sites are among the top performing affiliate sites for the Healing Natural Oils / Amoils Affiliate Program? If your site is focusing on essential oils, you may be wondering how to integrate blends for monetization while maintaining your existing revenue for single oils. This post explains why using Amoils affiliate links for our proprietary blends are a great augmentation to your existing monetization strategy. Whether you are a network marketer for companies like DoTerra or Living Oils or you work with single oil affiliate programs, Amoils affiliate links can increase conversions and customer satisfaction.

Why Promote Amoils Blends?

Cost Effective. Many customers are looking for pre-existing blends for a very specific ailment. In this case, these visitors do not have the single oils to create your recommended recipes. Buying individual, high-quality oils are expensive! The good news is this is what Amoils specializes in! Offering an Amoils blend is a cost-effective alternative.

Easy. Buying a blend that has been reviewed and tested is perfect for someone just learning about essential oils. And with our 90-day money back guarantee, Amoils makes it an easy and high converting option.

Cover Your Bases. Based on your SEO being focused on natural remedies for specific ailments for higher ranking with the search engines, some of your visitors are looking for a blend versus individual options. Why lose out on the sale by only offer single oils?

Diversify Your Revenue Stream. It is always a good idea to diversify your revenue stream with multiple merchants and options. What is a merchant goes out of business or significantly reduces your commissions? You want to have a backup.

There Is No Conflict Of Interest. One of the great things about an affiliate or network marketer is you are free to promote more than one merchant at a time. It provides credibility to your reviews/site and does not present any conflicts of interest.

How To Integrate Amoils Products Into Existing Pages

  • Look at your site analytics and find the pages that provide the highest organic traffic.
  • Add additional copy for another natural remedy, one of Amoils products
  • Detail the benefits of Amoils products. See here for a full list here
  • Include testimonials for this specific product. You can email us at at affmanager at amoils dot com or check out the product specific and general testimonials here.
  • If possible, write about your personal experience. Qualified affiliates receive product samples.
  • Use product images available on your Shareasale portal. You can search for your product specific images by the Category pull down menu. These images already include alternative text and your affiliate link
  • Integrate affiliate text link into your copy. These can also be found on your Shareasale portal under Links and the Category pull down bar
  • Include sub headers and/or an index at the top of your page so that your visitors can find the blends easily
  • Don’t forget to cross-sell your other posts and additional Amoils products

I hope you found this information useful. If you would like advice on integrating Amoils affiliate links into your existing essential oils site, please reach out to Ruth Ann and Stephanie at affmanager at amoils dot com or join us in the Amoils Affiliate Facebook Group.


Be sure to check out Amoils Affiliate Program Best Practices if you are new to our affiliate program