5 Ways To Collect Email Addresses

Contrary to what you may have heard, email is far from dead. In fact, email continues to be a top converting tool for affiliates and eCommerce stores alike. According to Statista, more than half the world will have access to emails by 2023. Email marketing is consistent with all my top performing affiliates. However, many smaller affiliates wonder how they can build this asset. Read below for top tips to collect email addresses including specific recommendations for Healing Natural Oils affiliates.

Top Reasons To Collect Email Address

Still need convincing as to why you need to collect email addresses on your site? Here are the top reasons an email list will benefit your business.

#1 You Own It

Unlike your social media following and ranking on the search engines, you own your email list. Ownership means no one can take away this marketing tool.

#2 Brands Love Them

If you are negotiating for a higher commission, bonus or campaign, a sizable email list (over 1,000) is a great advantage as a content provider. Brands understand that email campaigns convert and engage at a higher level. As result, brands are willing to increase payout for campaigns that include email.

#3 One on One Communication

Email provides for more intimate communication with your followers. It lends itself for one on one communication through the simple click of the Reply button. On this note, do not use a No Reply email as you want to encourage this level of connection.

5 Ways To Collect Emails On Your Site

#1 Newsletter

The most common way to collect email address is through the promise of a newsletter. You will want your newsletter to be educational as well as promotional. Examples of newsletter components include

  • Links to recent blog posts
  • A round up of relevant (but not competitive) articles
  • Subscriber exclusive deals
  • Events and recaps

#2 PDF/eBook

Create an education resource to provide your followers in exchange for their email address. Possible PDFs/eBooks are listed below. Note, if you do not have time to create the PDF, you can outsource using platforms such as Fiver, Upwork, and Writer’s Access.

Possible content options are

  • 5 Tips To Remove Toxins From Your Medicine Cabinet
  • 3 Easy DIY Holistic Healing Recipes
  • Top Natural Remedies To Heal <enter a specific ailment>

#3 Discount

Offer exclusive discounts for subscribers only. Reach out to [email protected] for a custom code.

#4 Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a gift? Collect email address (and social media followers) by hosting a giveaway. If you generate 20 or more sales a month with Healing Natural Oils, we would be happy to provide a gift card or product for your giveaway.

#5 Email “course”

Offer an email series to provide further education for your followers. You can even re-purpose the PDF you created above. An example would be sending over one detailed tip a day for 5 days.

Do you have any tips for collecting email addresses? If you already have a substantial list and are looking to increase your conversions with your emails, I recommend the following article on the Robbins Interactive site.

Thank you for being a Healing Natural Oils Affiliate!