13 Ways To Earn Commissions with Healing Natural Oils

Thank you for being a Healing Natural Oils’ affiliate. We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm for our brand and products.  If you are struggling on what to do ‘next, ‘ this post will point you in the right direction. Below are 13 promotional ideas to start earning commissions with Healing Natural OIls 

  1. Maximize your existing popular pages. If you have an existing site, be sure to have the free Google Analytics installed. For WordPress, installing Google Analytics is as easy as downloading a widget. Once installed, learn your most popular pages and monetize with your Healing Natural OIls affiliate links. Examples could be an existing page about an essential oil blend using individual oils.  Recommending a Healing Natural Oils’ blend could be an affordable option and is many times less expensive than purchasing the individual oils. In addition, Healing Natural Oils comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. 
  2. Create a Website/Blog: A website is a great starting point for anyone interested in sharing affiliate links.. Not an expert in web design? No problem! Research low cost hosting and design services and you’ll have your site up and running in no time. Personally, I like the GoDaddy WordPress package. However, companies such as Wix.com are also a great option.  You can start off with a free hosting site and transition to a self hosted site after your traffic grows. Professional tip – Make sure your site is secure so that Google will rank it.
  3. Educate yourself on SEO. SEO provides organic and free traffic. All the top performing affiliates in this program are SEO specialists and are working long tail search terms. As a content affiliate, you are primed to rank well with the search engines. Learn the basics of SEO to ensure your site is a search engine friend. Great resources include Search Engine Land and Adam Riemer’s blog.
  4. Build an Email List: Build a list of people who are interested in holistic healing. Use those email addresses to send newsletters, information, and special offers. The bigger your list, the more eyes you’ll have on your affiliate links, so don’t undervalue this vital strategy. A great way to build a list is to offer an educational PDF in exchange for a PDF. Examples could be “Top 5 Ways To Transition to Holistic Healing.” or “How to select a reputable essentials oil brand” 
  5. Write Guest Blog Posts: Get Healing Natural Oils’ and your name out there by writing guest blog posts for other blogs. Reach out to the owners of blogs about holistic healing and similar wellness topics. Ask them if they are looking for guest posts in exchange for a link back to your site or blog.
  6. Comment on Other Blog Posts: Spend a few minutes a day researching wellness blogs and commenting on blog posts. Include your site link at the end of each comment. This will put your link in front of new eyes as well as help you connect to more people interested in the benefits of Healing Natural OIls’ products.
  7. Put a Banner on Your Website: It’s simple, but effective. Put a banner advertising Healing Natural oils at the top or right hand side of your website. When people click on it, make sure it takes them to your affiliate link. Because we use 60 day cookies, even if the person doesn’t make a purchase that day, if they buy any time in the next two months you’ll get the commission
  8. Share Research on Your Facebook Page: Your personal Facebook page can be a great way to reach people who may not be aware of the benefits of holistic oil blends. Share research and information about why you partnered with Healing Natural OIls. You can create an affiliate to the Healing Natural OIls blog to set your cookie. Learn how to create custom links here.  Make sure you’re available to answer any questions that come up in the comments: the more you engage, the more people will remember you.
  9. Create a YouTube Channel: Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google? Take advantage of all those eyes by creating a YouTube channel. Create simple videos that inform and entertain about wellness and holistic healing topics, and add your affiliate link in the description. This is a great way to let your creativity flow and get organic traffic. If you aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, you can also create a slideshow video. However, videos with people talking are more personal and as a result convert better.
  10. Start a Facebook Group. The Facebook algorithm can be a challenge to get your posts in front of your followers. A Facebook Group is more engaged and algorithm friendly. You can start a wellness or holistic healing FFacebook Group. Pick a topic you are passionate about so it will be easy to post regularly
  11. Use the Buddy System: Get motivated by challenging other affiliates to a bit of friendly competition. Pair up with another affiliate and compete to see who can make the most sales. Support each other along the way to keep things fun and profitable.
  12. Share Your Story: Have you tried Healing Natural Oils’ products  Share your story with the people around you. Talk about Healing Natural Oils’ products in person and online to generate interest, build rapport, and strengthen the integrity of Joy’s brand.
  13. Have an Educational Party. Host an offline wellness party is a great way to educate and introduce your friends and family. Serve up some yummy healthy drinks such as smoothies or cold pressed juice  and have a brief presentation on the power of holistic healing and essential oil blends. Make sure to allow for some one one one time as well as group questions. Have your computer ready to help place orders for your excited guests. 

Am I missing one of your tried and tested marketing methods?  Please share in the comments below.